New Release - A Supernatural Thriller


A mysterious stranger moves to New Orleans during Prohibition and opens a mystical speakeasy called 'The Gates'. 

It's a place where all your dreams and desires may come true; where the supernatural mingle with the living. Saints and sinners, gangsters and G-men alike come to party like there’s no tomorrow. But when the morning comes, all bets are off. You may have the time of your life, or experience your worst nightmares. It’s the dawn of jazz in Crescent City, where laws are left to the interpretation of criminals, crooked politicians and the supernatural. All are welcome here, but there’s one rule to follow: 

“Operor Non Sentio Vel Exsistio Sentio” 
Do not judge, or be judged. 

The Gates is a neutral establishment, just like the owner; he doesn’t care about the affairs of men, angels or demons. He's waiting patiently for the apocalypse to end his eternity, but is once again faced with an apocalyptic decision. It could be a chance at redemption, but at what price? 


An Immortal that is neither Angel nor Demon. Cursed by Heaven and Feared by Hell!






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